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Vótano : What does it Mean???


Origin of Vótano

The United States of America have adopted numerous methods from the Roman and Greek culture including governmental approaches, and the Caduceus symbol, which is the medical symbol worldwide. It is often used as a medical background symbol and only Dr's are allowed to have the symbol by itself.

The CEO & Founder of Vótano Industries LLC  has a special interest in Greek mythology and astrology. 

Fun facts:

The medical insignia really derived from Asclepius (described in Homer's Iliad as a highly skilled physician around 1200BC) and his staff. Asclepius was worshiped as the god of Healing. Hermes (Mercury) was the god of commerce, eloquence, invention, travel, theft, and was a staff of heralds and commerce, not for medicine.

The Medical Department of the United States Army officially adopted the caduceus symbol in 1902.

Business Uniqueness


Vótano Industries LLC is a grassroot company that  focuses on producing quality, Hemp infused bath and spa products called Cánna-Chi. The company was born on April 20, 2017 and is constantly researching for product improvements, local partnerships, and building alliances with other organizations in the cannabis industry.

We strongly believe in the benefits of medical marijuana and the discoveries of the medicinal properties found in all strains of the cannabis plant. Vótano Industries will use such findings exclusively through our Cánna-Chi product line.

Canna-Chi Arometherapy Hemp infused candle Organic

Órama (vision in Greek)

The Cánna-Chi line carries constant ideas for new and improved methods for the optimal experience in normalizing the usage of the industrial plant with our legal hemp infused products.

We are accepting monetary donations, and all types of investors including short-term/long-term partnerships to reach órama of a Medical Marijuana Growing License. We will provide the best "quality over quantity" products, completely legal in the state of Florida and throughout the United States. 

Vótano Industries welcomes long-term, cannabis-friendly business relationships to provide the people "exceptionally organic and all-natural cannabis products at fair prices with confidence, integrity, and respect"- Erica "Gemini" O'Connor.

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Only The Beginning

Formation of Cánna-Chi


Cánna-Chi candles are the first all organic and natural candle for aromatherapy. Using only the highest quality of hemp wicks, wax, organic essential oils, and hemp seed oil.

Cánna-Chi bath bombs are the FIRST EVER to be infused with industrial hemp materials in the state of Florida and throughout the United States!!! Vótano Industries LLC is the FIRST company to come out with a formulated product that involves all ORGANIC and NATURAL materials for a Cánna-Chi bath bomb. 

This is only the beginning for the Cánna-Chi product line and its' goal to normalize the plant as much as possible in the communities and throughout the United States.

Erica O'Connor CEO & Founder

Erica (Gemini) is an 80's baby who experienced first-hand how the cannabis plant beneficially effects all types of people through psychoactive therapy, self-medication, PTSD, and cancer in a positive and safe environment. She is a wife and mother to three beautiful children and an ambitious and passionate entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. Erica has soared through expectations, and will continue to do so for the whole cannabis plant.

Erica started working at the age of 16, and has obtained over 14 years working solely in the hospitality industry. She graduated in 2018 with her Bachelor’s degree for Business and Information Management Systems (B.S.B.I.M.)  with a specialization in Supply Chain Management Systems at Seminole State, she has an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration, Associate of Arts degree in General Studies, Technical Certificate in Business Operations, and a Technical Certificate as a Business Specialist. She is focused on the continuation of higher education, and utilizing the skills that she has for Vótano Industries.

She enjoys spending time and learning from her children, going to the beach, and having intellectual conversations with everyone who is up for it.

History of CEO & Founder

The Triggering Point

CEO & Founder's maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. After years of researching and studying the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant from a previous family member passing from Stage 4 lung and brain cancer, she was compelled to discuss the opportunity to her grandmother. 

After days and weeks of her grandmother going through chemotherapy and following her doctor's orders, her heart couldn't withstand any more chemo-treatment. The grandmother held Erica's hand tightly and said that she wants to live and was not ready to pass. Mrs. O'Connor quickly took action and placed her grandmother on the 90-day waiting list in hopes of an expedited review of her grandmother's case.


Came to pass that Erica's grandmother was one month shy of being able to just see a doctor for medical marijuana. The passing of her grandmother on Easter morning was very symbolic within the families that were present.

Mrs. O'Connor buried her grandmother on April 20, 2017. The date of 4/20 was the triggering point that forced Erica to stand up for the silent majority that aren't with us today and publicly speak out for the patients that want to exercise their constitutional right in the state of Florida to access alternative medicine.